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Streamline Studios の東南アジア、日本、南北アメリカ拠点では、全世界のデベロッパー、パブリッシャー、ブランドにサービスを提供しています。Streamlineは新興国市場のグローバルタレントと、ゲーム開発や企業向け没入型エンジニアリングへの、収益性の高い投資やプロジェクトを繋げることで、社会的経済に影響を与えています。


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Epic Games Inc
Streamline Studios is one of our key external providers of digital content for Epic. We're pleased with the great content they've provided for games such as Gears of War and the Unreal Tournament series.
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Volition Inc
The interaction between Volition and Streamline Studios  worked great. Having extra man power really helped us develop an extremely detailed city, and create very unique and great looking areas.
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Obsidian Entertainment
For Pillars of Eternity we wanted an outsourcing partner that got game development, and produce quality content while being fully transparent.”
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Other Ocean
Streamline’s top-notch art staff and technological know-how resulted in deliveries we highly anticipated not only for their milestones but for their beauty.
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Human Head Studios
Your ability to cut to the core of the requirements for this project as well as your creative and technical excellence allowed us to quickly put into place a top quality opening animated sequence which impressed both our team and our publisher. We highly recommend your company's services and would be happy to serve as a reference for your company in the future. In short, hire these guys- they do good work.


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