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Taka Kawasaki

Japan Territory Manager

"When our licensees request recommendations for trustful partners, Streamline Studios is always my first choice. For years, Streamline has done outstanding AAA work for many game companies worldwide. The quality of their work using UE4 is superior and their creative talents are best in class."

Hajime Tabata

Director Of Final Fantasy XV

"Streamline supported the final and most intense stages of our game development, when time was the most crucial factor. Despite the tough situation on hand, they delivered a stable and fantastic performance, without showing any trace of confusion. This is the reason why the FINAL FANTASY XV development team hopes to continue our ongoing partnership with Streamline."

Bochan Kim

Sr. Producer of Street Fighter V, U.S.A

"Streamline's dedication to technology, people and process sets a new standard for how global game development can be achieved, and the Streamframe platform made it possible for the Street Fighter V team to work from around the world as though we were in the same room. Global IP development requires teams that push the boundaries of creative execution and Streamline did just that for us."

Feargus Urquhart

chief executive officer

"Streamline Studios has an amazing pedigree, and for Pillars of Eternity we really wanted an outsourcing partner that just got game development, could produce quality content while being fully transparent.”

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