Streamline is a global creative and technology company for video games and beyond.

We’ve been working in the games industry since 2001, so we know a lot about what works and doesn't work. Our team combines years-worth experience, each with their own unique perspective

Streamline is a champion of diversity, with more than 300 people on staff around the world, who each bring their own skillset to bear for projects big and small.


Streamline’s 4-founders boot strapped Streamline from a small apartment in The Netherlands into a multinational organization employing more than 300 people by focusing on a division of labor that brought out mastery in game development and business.

This eclectic group from South Africa, Germany, The Netherlands, and United States serve as the guiding light and warrior spirit of Streamline

Meet Our Leadership

Alexander Fernandez
Chief Executive Officer,
Sheloman Byrd
Chief Operations Officer
Bo Kjægaard Jensen
Chief Financial Officer
Nick Ethan
Chief Product Officer
Richard Cheah
Managing Director,
Streamline Malaysia
Kenji Kajiwara
Head of Japan,
Streamline Japan
Ric Neil
Managing Director,
Streamline USA
Andres Leon
Studio Manager,
Streamline Colombia
Stefan Baier
EVP of Publishing,
Neil Haldar
VP of Revenue and Marketing
Yea-Ji Oh
Division Director
Lalitha Krishnan
Director of Studio Operations
Julio Abarca
Chief of Staff
Renier Banninga
Creative Director,
Jeroen Leurs
Creative Director,
Aaron Caplowe
Head of IT
Head of Legal


We work to play and play to work.

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