Balenciaga ushers in new era fashion show with groundbreaking 'Afterworld' experience.

“A quantum leap for fashion.”
          - Vogue Runway

As virtual reality and immersion become more influential parts of our lives, style aficionados can look forward to being wowed by revolutionary e-commerce experiences that take the entire interface of brands and their customers next level.

A video game for mobile and PC took Balenciaga’s customers on a journey.

50 avatars, 5 distinct zones, Photogrammetry environments, Vehicles, AR delivered through cloud gaming service

Where is fashion going? Where are we going as a culture?

Venturing into an imaginative world and exploring the future of fashion, Afterworld invited players to discover an immersive digital playground, choose from different avatars, embark on their own adventure.

Customers moved through diverse zones, passing models wearing Balenciaga, twists in design, new looks, new concepts, Balenciaga’s distinct vision set in a carefully crafted environment reflecting the upcoming trends and styles.

Engineering the Future

The creative possibilities of the video game technology beneath the surface, revealed endless possibilities for brands to engineer new ways to engage customers.

With only 3 months to deliver a fully engineered experience, Streamline took on the challenge, optimized assets, configured them for cloud-streaming on desktop and mobile.

Streamline has built a fast-moving response team for projects like Balenciaga. Our technological foundation is based on unwavering dedication to research & development, enabling us to fulfill critical technical and creative requirements in high-pressure and ambitious projects.

Streamline leveraged Unreal Engine and Quixel's Megascan library to rapidly construct captivating game environments.

The Blueprint visual scripting system enabled swift implementation of all necessary functionality, while the 3D scans provided photorealistic visuals bringing the future to life, like the evocatively styled Balenciaga avatars swirling through the dystopian city.

  • Polestar designed vehicles from the future to glide through the cityscape.
  • Streamline added AI to NPCs to create realistic traffic simulations: Pedestrian movements, Animal behaviors, Natural environmental elements.

The New Look Lookbook

An immersive experience while showcasing an inspiring style straight from the latest Balenciaga lookbook.

Content and the web are transforming, blurring boundaries between physical reality and virtual realms. Our Balenciaga project welcomed customers to a future where reality blended with new frontiers of experience that we call the Metaverse.

Balenciaga, a brand known for innovation and daring leaps, led an entire industry forward, a path forged by the innovations of video game technology.

  • AR navigation tool added to navigate players through the worlds

  • Customizable advertisement features were placed in each zone ranging from posters and flyers to electronic/LE bus stop and building billboards

The Age of Tomorrow Today

Our digital humanity takes shape. Straight ahead is a virtual world where customer avatars will try the clothes on themselves, take their turn on the catwalk.

Arriving at the intersection of self-discovery, commerce, and social exchange, we’ve unlocked a new approach to captivating customers.

Streamline coordinated with companies worldwide for visual and audio assets, integration, and cloud-streaming including:

  • Cutscene cinematic
  • Audio and music engineers
  • Volumetric video

Enterprise video games at the forefront of the global economy.

Virtual avatars aspiring to who we want to be, as the new brand economy evolves and thrives within the Metaverse.

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