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Streamline Studios sets a high bar in environmental art

What does it take to join a video game development team of this caliber? Streamline's video game environments capture your imagination and heart.
Streamline Studios sets a high bar in environmental art

Streamline Studios’ environmental art sets a high standard. The world-building the company’s art team constructs adds a dimension of engagement to a game that has clients lined up for the Streamline experience.

Our clients invest in our result. Our experience must shine in every piece of art that Streamline produces. To deliver for our clients, Streamline needs to nurture artists that have the expertise to deliver our high standard.

The first thing Renier Banninga, Streamline Studios Founder and Creative Director, looks for in a portfolio, is the overall image:

“Does it look good? Does it appeal? Does it have lovely color usage and a sense of history and detail?”

So, if you’ve set your sights on the Streamline team, consider your portfolio with the eyes of our clients.

·      Does it jump off the page?

·      All the layouts good?

·      Do the colors work?

And a deeper look at the structure of the art, the technical aspects. In our work, this is critical. It is critical for our clients and critical for the Streamline team.

·      Do the textures read?

·      How many polygons were used?

·      Are the assets efficiently constructed?

Our work lives at the intersection of technology and art. Our clients live there too. The video game industry is a community of highly skilled people.

But Streamline is looking for more than the technical aspects of an artist’s work, and our clients are as well. It’s about taste.

That’s what makes the art work, and what makes that art worth it in the eyes of our discriminating clients.

·      Does a unique vision drive the art?

·      Does it have style?

It’s not all about mastery of the tools. To have an impact, your art concept and design must work together. The art must support the story. Our clients must feel it in their bones. And when they do, we’ve done our job.

We’re going to be at GDC, and we’d love to meet you.

Set up a meeting here.

Either to discuss a project you are producing, or to join our team. You can tell from the games we’ve worked on—Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Multiversus—we have a focused vision for the future of video game development. Let's talk about how we can work together.

We talk about delivering the promise and you might ask, what is the promise we are delivering? Well, it’s right there in front of your eyes when you look at our worlds. You feel it. The art takes you into the worlds we have built. That’s where we set our bar.