Streamline Studios Colombia Launches New Video Game Incubator

Exciting collaboration with National University of Colombia Offers Opportunity to Young Colombians

Streamline Studios Colombia announced its collaboration with the National University of Colombia to launch a new video game incubator. Students will learn the skills necessary to turn their passion for video games into a professional career, through a program curated by industry talent.

"We’re excited to collaborate with the National University to launch this video game incubator," said Andrés León, Studio Manager of Streamline Studios Colombia. "We believe in the potential and the talent of young people in Colombia, and we’re eager to help them turn their passion for video games into a professional career through this program."

Eduardo Barrera, professor at the university, will lead the incubator advised by Streamline Studios Colombia, and will focus on teaching students the technical and creative skills necessary to develop high-quality video games. Students will work on global-type projects and collaborate with other students to develop their skills and guide their professional life towards the industry.

“Streamline creates social-economic impact by connecting global talent in emerging markets with lucrative investments and projects in video games and Beyond Gaming,” said Alexander Fernandez, CEO, Streamline Studios. “An initiative like the Incubator not only connects us to the local culture but creates a viable talent pipeline into the video game industry in Colombia.”

At Streamline Studios, we strive to support the next generation of experienced creators and help them achieve their professional goals. The collaboration with the National University of Colombia is an important step in that direction and provides students with the opportunity to learn from a company with over 22-years of experience.

Streamline’s sterling track record, Multiversus, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Cyber Punk, Lord of the Rings, Oddworld, Bio Shock, speaks for itself.

“We are here, and we are committed to building a world class studio in Bogota,” said León. “We can’t wait to meet some of the bright young Colombian talent looking for their next opportunity.”

Since 2001, Streamline Studios has developed video games and Metaverse solutions. Their locations in Southeast Asia, Japan, and The Americas service international developers, publishers, and brands, including Capcom, Sony, and Balenciaga.