Streamline named Epic Authorized Service Partner

Epic and Streamline deepen their partnership

Streamline Studios is proud to be officially named an Unreal Engine Authorized Services Partner by our partners at Epic Games.

Streamline's video game development team are thankful for this immense honor. They believe it opens up a world of opportunity. Epic's amazing platform enables Streamline to expand the boundaries of what can be achieved in gaming.

"The heart of Streamline are teams who understand how important it is to deliver their absolute best work. Over the years, Epic has been a big part of our that goal." Alexander Fernandez, CEO, Streamline Studios.

For many years Streamline has been growing side-by-side with Epic, and their incredible tools continue to provide boundless inspiration to create immersive worlds filled with compelling characters & dynamic technical workflows across all corners of the globe.

Partnerships are critical to achieve the level of standards we hold ourselves to.  Our goal is to bring the most innovative and engaging experiences for our clients and their audiences, and Epic enables us to do just that.

Streamline is eager to continue deepening this partnership with Epic, enabling the teams to become experts in the Unreal Engine Platform & helping them create even more captivating content.

This announcement marks a milestone for both Streamline and Epic, as we continue to work together to make the games industry an even more exciting place.  

"We’re eager to see what comes next," Fernandez said. "Here's to looking forward to advancing together even further on our unique partnership journey."