How do you join the games industry? Streamline maps the route.

"Being part of the video game industry is now possible." Streamline Studios Colombia at National University of Colombia

February 17, 2023, Bogota Colombia

As impossible as it sometimes feels "Being part of the video game industry is now possible" maintains the Streamline Studios Colombia team at a talk given at the prestigious National University of Colombia.

"We are excited to see the great reception from the students and to be able to show that a career in the world of video games is possible," said Andrés León, studio manager of Streamline Studios Colombia.

Career opportunities in the video game industry were discussed, including the need to acquire critical skills to open doors to this exciting and challenging industry.

The video game seedbed curated by Streamline Studios, in collaboration with the National University of Colombia, was outlined and promoted. Streamline is looking for talent and Streamline intends to nurture that talent.

"We believe that having these types of spaces where we can connect with young people is the opportunity to create a viable channel of talent to the video game industry in Colombia," said León.

Attendees were delighted to learn about the different roles in video game creation, such as production, art, design, programming, and quality assurance. In addition, the students had the opportunity to share and ask questions to great talents of the Colombia office. Streamline Studios also offered practical advice on how to enter and succeed in the industry.

If you missed the talk at Streamline Studios Colombia, don't worry. As a studio and as a company we are committed to supporting all those who want to be part of the video game industry and fostering a strong and collaborative developer community. Stay tuned for upcoming talks and events from Streamline Studios and don't miss the chance to learn more about the gaming industry!

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