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We're looking to recruit for our global video game team | Streamline

Streamline Studios is hiring! Are you passionate about video games? We need video game artists and programmers with Unreal Engine experience. Apply today.
We're looking to recruit for our global video game team | Streamline

Are you passionate about video games? Do you want to take your skills and turn them into a career at an award-winning company? 

Why Streamline?

We've set our sights on the highest goal. Twenty years of demanding work has led us here. An award-winning video game studio in Kuala Lumpur, a dedicated team in our Las Vegas location, and around the world. We're committed to global diversity, and yes, the Streamline global team is growing. We need you. We need you for video game art, programming, engineering, quality assurance, project management, front-end development, character art, digital assets, and metaverse development.  

Imagine the impact you could have if you worked on Final Fantasy

Streamline is a creative video game studio specializing in full game development, localization, game art, concept art, code, QA, user experience, and consulting. That means when you come to work at Streamline, expect to be challenged like you've never been challenged before. 

We earn our client's trust because we deliver the promise. 

So, how would we describe a Streamliner? 

You are dedicated, committed, and focused. No one can demand more of you than you demand of yourself. You understand how to hit milestones, take responsibility, support your team, set your goals, and challenge your results. You have a passion for games and innovation.  

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What would it be like if you worked on Street Fighter? 

Every day is an opportunity for growth. You are curious, fun, a global citizen, and a member of the gaming community. Our community is diverse and inclusive, and we're truly a global company. We are built to thrive, but to thrive, we need every team member focused on the result.  

What are we looking for in a qualified candidate?

Competence with Unreal Engine and Unity is a great place to start—familiarity with C++, C#, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and other programming languages. Plus a deep understanding of multiple game platforms, like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC. Are all these necessary? No. We understand you are in a lengthy process of mastering different tools. We're looking for a commitment to learning along your journey in the games industry. 

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Our goal is to build the best team with the best people. No matter what skill level they've achieved, consistent top performers bring high-value results to every team they join. If you get that, if you want to be a part of a dynamic global team working on culture-shaping projects, we'd like to talk to you. Apply today. 

When we work together 

When you have a problem that leaves you scratching your head, you lean in for support from your team and collaborate to solve that problem. We've been refining our global production pipeline for decades. One thing we've learned, speak up. Ask for help. Lay the issue out there, honestly, because that's the only way we can stay on track and deliver to our clients.  

We are a games company, a creative company, people who work fast under pressure. But a productive attitude is critical to a high-functioning team. We push each other, but it's the way we push each that's important. As a Streamliner, you connect with people through humor and curiosity. You use an empathetic communication style to take high-level ideas from others and create what they're thinking.  

You care about people. 

Streamline Programmers

Join us to develop games like Little Nightmares II 

Bring your passion to the table and be prepared to lose as well as win. It's an open process that creates a breakthrough idea. We never know where the next big idea is coming from.  

We are always listening, thinking, and processing.  

At Streamline, you're excited to use groundbreaking technology, bring products, and be part of a diverse and innovative team. Your excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, help you connect and grow inside the Streamline community. You're able to explain complex problems in simple, results-oriented terms and, with your team, work together to get to the finish line. 

If you hear that, if you understand that, if it sounds like Streamline is a place to grow and be challenged, we'd like to talk to you.  

Apply today