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Turning a Times Square Billboard into an Interactive Game

Genvid, Intel©, and Streamline Media Group Successfully Test 5G-Enabled Interactive Billboard Stream in Times Square, NY with “Project Monarch”
Turning a Times Square Billboard into an Interactive Game

Streamline Studios took part in an ambitious live public test of "Project Monarch" in partnership with Genvid Technologies & Intel©

Project Monarch" is a hybrid digital billboard/mobile game prototype featuring a groundbreaking combination of Intel© Smart Edge technology and Genvid's interactive live streaming solution.

The successful two-day test was held on September 8-9 on the Mega Screen located in Times Square, New York, USA. It utilized a custom adaptation of Streamline's multi-platform game, Bake ‘n Switch, to highlight the potential for a new kind of "mobile crowd gaming."

Anyone visiting the site in New York could join as an interactive spectator using their own mobile phone by scanning a QR code displayed on the Mega Screen. This gave instant access to the immersive interactive stream via a nearby 5G-connected hotspot (courtesy of private network provider Sky Packets). A key feature to make this project stand out was no software download or installation was necessary for easy instant interaction so players could play immediately. 

"Interactivity is dominating virtually every kind of media, and this experiment proves that even the most modern digital billboards can be reimagined," said Jacob Navok, co-founder and CEO at Genvid Technologies. "With our interactive live stream technology and Intel's advanced 5G network platforms, advertisers and brand sponsors can easily and dynamically provide more engaging, entertaining content that consumers not only remember but even enjoy directly."

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The launch of this project comes on the heels of the appointment of Shawn Layden onto Streamline's Advisory Board. It is another step in accelerating the digital transformation of business, creativity, and consumer engagement, and showcasing the opportunities of the Metaverse.

Streamline continuously works toward projects and partnerships that will advance the gaming industry. We believe the digital transformation of business and industry is accelerated best by leveraging video game technology and competencies. Streamline is always ready and able to innovate global consumer experiences with forward-thinking partners. If this sounds like you, let's talk.