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The Metaverse Wears Balenciaga

The inclusion of the metaverse in our lives is getting closer and closer to being absolute.
The Metaverse Wears Balenciaga

The inclusion of the metaverse in our lives is getting closer and closer to being absolute. It is common to find new and fascinating tools that enable possibilities that were not there before. Just like the boom of online shops and other possibilities that came about thanks to technology, mixed reality tools are coming closer to becoming the standard for the way we do things. The possibilities are endless in a huge multitude of industries, such as the fashion industry.    

Virtual catwalks, tailor-made outfits  

Imagine a world where trying on clothes is as easy as a couple of clicks. Thanks to an avatar made in your image, wearing the latest Dior or Balenciaga collection without the need to leave your home and at any time you want sounds like a fascinating idea for people who love to shop and wear the most stylish clothes on the market. Thanks to mixed reality technologies, this dream is a reality. You have a job interview and need something that is contemporary and professional, but it's 11 p.m. and the shops are closed? No problem! Using your phone or augmented reality glasses, it will be very easy to walk into a virtual boutique, browse the catalogue and try on how that beautiful dress would look on you. With devices that expand the way we see things, the possibilities of implementing these technologies in new spaces are an exciting prospect for the future.    

In these virtual environments, designers and developers can utilise the power of 3D graphics implemented in video games, movies and animation, as well as the powerful physical properties that can be programmed into certain graphics engines. In the case of the fashion industry, you will be able to see, try on and choose different materials, fabrics and textures in a way that a website or online shop could not offer. Feeling like a model on a catwalk will be a possibility for everyone as fashion is not only to be observed; it is to be lived.  

Try before you buy with Augmented Reality (AR)  

Not sure if that color of shoe would look good with your jeans? No problem! Devices like the heralded Apple Vision Pro or your smartphone have AR properties that will allow you to try on the clothes you want without leaving the house.    

AR technology has the ability to fit your body with extreme precision, allowing you to get an accurate and, more importantly, customized preview of your body. With one click you can add the pieces you like to your cart, and with another click schedule a shipment to your address, dressing fashionably has never been easier!  

At Streamline Studios we believe that the future lies in developing immersive experiences and we are committed to perfecting the use of AR and VR to create unparalleled customer experiences. Join us on this journey as we redefine the boundaries of brand interaction.