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Streamline Celebrates International Women’s Day

An Equal Digital Future for All
Streamline Celebrates International Women’s Day

Streamline has always believed we can create a world for everyone where there is no limitation to potential. Building bridges between different peoples brings us all together in pursuit of a greater good that will help one another now and into future generations.

We’ve tried to instill these principles in everything we do. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity has always driven the company, beginning 22 years ago in Amsterdam. Now with studios spread across multiple cultures, from Malaysia to Colombia, the US and Japan, we work every day to bring new opportunities to our staff and clients.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we can reflect on the remarkable progress women have made in achieving social, economic, cultural, and political success. In the video game industry, we’ve had a sometimes very tough road to travel, but at Streamline we’ve never turned from the challenge.

How could we turn from the challenge? We’ve been lucky to nurture a new generation of women. They’ve taken leadership roles, and now help us expand the company to new cultures and places. Their passion and vision add to our mission and help us grow.

We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for providing experienced and professional help to the most demanding projects and partners. Our high-performance, expansive technical knowledge and familiarity with standards across a wide range of industries allow us to deliver results at all stages of development. And where we are today is in no small part due to the women of Streamline.

So, as we observe International Women’s Day, let us reflect not only on past triumphs –but look ahead towards making lasting change so all genders and peoples enjoy equal rights in every part of our world.