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Streamline at Colombia 4.0

A recap of Streamline Studios at Colombia 4.0
Streamline at Colombia 4.0

At the end of November, Corferias hosted Colombia 4.0, an expo panel supported by the Colombian ICT Ministry that reunited some of the best experts and companies in the tech industry in the region to share their knowledge and projects. Streamline Studios was invited to participate, and the experience we had along with other game developers, universities, and enthusiasts was one we’ll keep close to our hearts for a long time.

During the event, we had a booth that was visited by over a thousand people during the 3 days that Colombia 4.0 lasted. Seeing so many faces of interest in joining the industry and learning more was an invigorating experience that made us want to double our efforts by opening new windows and opportunities to people who want to enter the industry.

We also had the pleasure to participate in several of the chats that were scheduled. One of them, called ‘Working in AAA Games, Quality and Authenticity of Interactive Experiences’ was given by Julio Abarca, our Beyond Games Director. In it, Julio goes a bit more in depth about his experiences with AAA games, projects that require a high budget, a very capable team, and many other resources in order to deliver products with high quality standards.

'Working in AAA Games, Quality and Authenticity of Interactive Experiences' Panel with Beyond Games Director, Julio Abarca

Our Studio Manager, Andrés León, also took part in another panel: ‘Metaverse, more than a virtual world.’ In this panel, Andrés shared his insights into the possibilities of upcoming technology powered by mixed reality tools, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. These technologies are something that Streamline Studios is committed to exploring and taking advantage of, and we’re sure they can be a force of change for the entertainment industry.

Overall, our experience at Colombia 4.0 was something valuable, and we hope to continue meeting game changers from all areas of the tech industry to keep opening opportunities and exploring the future. If you want to keep up to date with our latest developments, make sure to follow us on our social media channels!