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My Name is not Anonymous: Gender Representation in Video Game Development

Streamline Studios is built with diversity as a core principle
My Name is not Anonymous: Gender Representation in Video Game Development


Limitless potential where representation, respect and progress are no longer ideals — but realities. Together we build bridges of understanding between all peoples, enabling collaboration for the common good.  


Streamline Studios committed years ago to inclusivity and diversity in the video game industry. The company has a strong commitment to hiring employees from diverse backgrounds and providing opportunities for women and people from underrepresented groups in the industry. We support different initiatives such as the Women in Games International conference.  

Today, we want to share some testimonies about the experience of working in the video game industry from different “Streamliners”.

“My experience in the video game industry has been very rewarding, where I have been able to surround myself with everything that I have been passionate about since childhood, and never thought I could achieve. Now at Streamline it has been possible for me to develop my skills in technology and in video games.  

I have the dream of creating my own games or being part of big projects. Although it is true that it is not common to find women protagonists in this industry, I want to encourage more women to take ownership of their skills and knowledge and get closer to this industry so that they can achieve their dreams, jobs, and goals, regardless of their individual characteristics, and contribute to eliminating the gender barrier”.  

Gabriela Bohorquez
Junior Game Programmer, Streamline Studios


Women have been historically underrepresented in the industry, facing many challenges and barriers to entry.  

However, according to Milica Stojanovic, in her article Gamer Demographics from 2022, the video game industry is “No Longer a Men-Only Club, 40% of people around the world play video games and 48% are women.”

That’s players. What about video game developers?  

As veteran developers, we’re aware of the challenges women face in this industry. However, we’re always learning and seeking new ways to promote a culture of diversity and inclusivity.  


  1. Anonymity
  • Many women playing videogames choose to remain anonymous or hide behind masculine names to avoid harassment and discrimination.  
  • This anonymity is a coping mechanism for the rampant sexism that women experience in the industry. Women are often subjected to derogatory comments, sexual harassment, and even death threats. By hiding behind a male persona, women hope to avoid this kind of abuse.
  • This needs to end.
  1. Lack of representation
  • Women are less likely to be hired, promoted, and given leadership roles in game development studios. Something Streamline is sensitive to and has been working to change.  
  • This gender disparity has a significant impact on the content and design of games. Female characters are often sexualized, objectified, and stereotyped, reinforcing harmful gender norms, and contributing to the marginalization of women in the industry.  
  • Female game developers often face resistance when trying to create more realistic and diverse female characters, as they are often told that "sex sells."
  • Traditionally sex may have sold, but what's more important nowadays are player engagement and retention, achieved through remarkable stories, relatable characters and fun gameplay.
  • At Streamline we build games that engages and enriches the players long-term.
  1. Not Skilled enough for industry
  • Women face the assumption that they are not as skilled or capable as their male counterparts.  
  • Women are often met with skepticism and resistance when they tell people what they do for a living, and many assume that they are only interested in "girly" games.  
  • These assumptions are not only frustrating, but they also contribute to the lack of representation of women in the industry.  
  • Streamline assumes women are an equal part of every team. We take our commitment to diversity seriously.

More women are forging ahead and pursuing a career in game development.

Their strength is building a more dynamic industry, with better and more interesting games for a truly inclusive, global audience.

“I always dreamed of bringing stories, experiences, and new things to the world, and what better medium than videogames to do so? Using them, we can offer players all around the world with heart-thumping music, exciting action-packed scenes, tear-jerking stories, and butt-kicking gameplay.

Despite the hardships, I'm proud to be where I am. I fought tooth and nail to get my spot in the industry, and I only hope I can bring joy to many gamers with my work. I also hope to become an inspiration to all those women who want to make part of the industry. You are talented, skilled, and can make your dreams come true. To those who fear their skills are not enough, and to those who are afraid it's not an industry for women, I say screw it. Give it a shot, join us and fight hard for your dreams!”

Cassandra Díaz
Art QA, Streamline Studios  


As a company, Streamline Studios learned from these challenges. Streamline women are leading the change creating more diverse and inclusive experiences both for videogames and future extensions of the industry, like the metaverse and engineering immersive experiences.  

For many years, we have been providing our valued customers with quality and trust. We are experts in the field that can be relied upon to deliver your exact expectations on time according to schedule. Our global team works harmoniously together - a unique blend of creativity and technical knowledge dedicated toward bringing success for every project undertaken.

Our diversity is a cornerstone in our success. Our team members, no matter what theIr gender, are committed to our company mission.

“Why I am a part of the game industry is because this form of interactive digital media brought me joy since I was a child and spectating the evolution of games from early 90s until now is very fascinating and inspiring.

Being a part of the game industry has been a rollercoaster. There have been highs and lows, moments of intense pressure and moments of pure joy. But through it all, I've remained grateful for the opportunity to work in an industry that has brought me so much happiness and inspiration throughout my life.

I am excited to see where the gaming industry will go next and to be a part of the continued evolution of this dynamic and ever-changing field.”

Elizabeth Galuh
Senior Manager, Streamline Studios  

For Streamline Studios diversity and inclusivity are essential for the growth and evolution of the video game industry. Women are making significant contributions to the industry and as a company we constantly push for a more diverse and inclusive gaming world for all.