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Long-Term External Partnerships

The Strategy for Success in Video Game Development
Long-Term External Partnerships

Seek out critical skills

In the ever-evolving world of video game development, long-term external partnerships have proven to be critical for the success of developers and publishers alike. Simply put, external partnerships refer to collaborations between game developers and external production studios specializing in any or all the critical skills in video game development: Art, animation, engineering, client and server architectures, game design and development, various forms of QA, localization, Live Ops, and more.

Collaborations provide game publishers with access to essential resources, industry knowledge, specialized skillsets, and talent, can determine the overall success of a video game product. And long-term collaborations build strong bonds of trust and communication. More and more publishers value the commitment to long-term relationships with external partners.

Quality is everything

The video game industry is incredibly competitive, and developing and distributing high-quality games require significant resources and expertise. The expense and overhead of in-house development, the complexity of technology and innovation activity, and the market pressure to release games quickly can make it difficult for publishers to do it alone and with repeatable success.

External partnerships offer an efficient and sustainable way to handle these challenges. External partners invest in innovation to build better games more quickly. Quality is the ultimate goal in video game development, and the best experienced external partners, like Streamline, deliver high quality deliverables and market-ready product every time.

Broaden your resources with external partners

Publishers that leverage long-term external partnerships benefit from additional resources, access to technology solutions, and additional content for various marketing channels. Partnerships can contribute to cost savings, shared expertise, and faster routes to market and profit. This is significant, considering that the history of the video game industry is littered with publishers and developers alike who failed to innovate or keep up with the pace of change.

Long-term external partnerships are a strategy for success.

In conclusion, external partnerships are critical to a publisher's success in the video game industry. By leveraging partnerships, publishers can benefit from shared expertise, resources, new innovations, and improved access to markets. As the video game industry continues to evolve, partnerships with hardware and technology firms will only become more important, and publishers who fail to cultivate long-term partnerships may be at risk of losing their competitive edge in the market. Therefore, publishers must prioritize building long-term external partnerships as a strategy for success.