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Need QA? Streamline delivers the game

Launching a successful video game requires a great deal of QA planning and testing.
Need QA? Streamline delivers the game

Launching a successful video game requires a great deal of planning and testing  

We Test for Excellence

Streamline Studios has decades of experience in this area, offering an extensive suite of quality assurance services to ensure that each game meets the highest standards.  

Streamline's services include functional testing, localization, white box testing, black box testing, and translation.  

Test and test and test again

Functional testing is used to ensure that all parts of the game are working as expected. Streamline verifies each game feature one by one and monitors for any errors or discrepancies.  

In addition, Streamline tests white-box mechanics to make sure that their code does not cause any issues with the gameplay.  

Localization is then used to regionally optimize games and make them suitable for international audiences; Streamline localizes games with rigorous testing as well as providing complete translations where needed. With over 40 languages spoken in-house, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our translations

To further refine gameplay Streamline's team tests game mechanic balancing – ensuring the competition between players is fair. And fun!

Our Recommendations are Actionable

Our teams conduct extensive gameplay to identify weak spots and recommend changes so that every aspect of the final product shines through during launch support.  

Streamline’s attention to detail ensures that the game the designers intended is the game in the hands of the players  

Our quality assurances teams love to get involved as early as possible in game development to get the best possible result, because the ultimate reward is watching players engage and enjoy a new game, a game that plays exactly the way it’s supposed to play.

Improve quality, speed, experience, and security with our top-notch QA services.