Streamline Studios: Your Global Partner in Success

At Streamline Studios, we understand the vital importance of your success. That's why we've strategically positioned our teams across the globe, in Malaysia, Japan, the United States, and Colombia. Our studio locations have been specifically aligned to better serve our partners, offering around-the-clock contact as we collaborate to shape the future of entertainment.

The Streamline Difference: Unique Perspectives and Comprehensive Solutions

Each of our studios embodies a unique blend of perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Infused with the distinct Streamline difference, they offer the most comprehensive creative solutions available on the market today. Our diverse teams, driven by a shared passion for innovation, unite to deliver exceptional results tailored to your specific needs.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Streamline Studios Malaysia, the largest independent game developer in Southeast Asia, has been on an incredible journey. Strategically located, our Malaysia hub offers a unique blend of benefits that have contributed to our success. Over time, we've grown from a modest team of 7 to a robust workforce of 300, cementing our position as a leader in the industry.

BOGOTA, COlombia

Streamline Studios Colombia is our development studio strategically based in Colombia, committed to cultivating advocacy and knowledge-growth within the LATAM gaming community. Through innovative projects, we aim to empower gamers, developers, and enthusiasts, fostering the vibrant growth of the gaming industry in the region.


Streamline Studios Japan serves as our pivotal subsidiary studio located in Roppongi, Tokyo. As the main hub for business development, account management, and customer satisfaction, it plays a crucial role in connecting Japanese clients with our development studios in Malaysia and Columbia. Being the newest addition to the Streamline Studios group, Streamline Studios Japan excels in facilitating seamless communication and nurturing robust relationships, enabling the delivery of exceptional services and solutions.


Streamline Studios USA is our corporate headquarters in North America and acts as our primary hub for global operations.

Invitation to Explore Our Global Studios

We invite you to explore our global studios and discover why partnering with Streamline Studios means tapping into a global consciousness. Experience the Streamline difference and learn how our international expertise can transform your creative vision into a reality.

Building the Future of Entertainment Together

Let's embark on this journey together, building the future of entertainment one success game/experience at a time.