The Studio

The Art of Extraordinary.


Partners in independent, focused creativity and execution, Streamline Studios provides expert customized solutions for the top producers in the industry. A leading video game developer, Streamline’s bespoke art and technology is successfully employed by major game publishers, film studios, and brands, including Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, Capcom’s Street Fighter V, Take 2’s Bioshock Infinite, James Cameron’s Avatar, and Coca-Cola’s. Deploying cutting-edge production and development platform, Streamframe®, Streamline delivered on more than 300 AAA productions since 2001.

Our Team

Alexander L. Fernandez

CEO, Co-Founder

Alexander has hands on experience in founding and growing international creative businesses. He has grown Streamline into a globally recognized company for branded entertainment, game development and content outsourcing with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas and Amsterdam. An experienced producer, Alexander managed Streamline’s first transmedia production for Twentieth Century Fox and Coca-Cola on James Cameron’s Avatar.

Stefan Baier

Director of Product and Services, Co-Founder

Stefan is an experienced product developer and producer who architected the pipeline framework utilized at the studio. He has worked on every project and production in the studios’ history and ensures all our partnerships and internal products succeed.

Dan Flower

Technical Director

Dan brings with him 20 years of programming experience, including more than a decade of experience in game design and creative problem solving in which he implemented his proprietary Flow technology, Gunman Chronicles, and HoopWorld, "Streamline Studios' own IP".

Jeroen Leurs

Art Director

Jeroen brings more than 10 years of experience as Art Director and Lead and has been an integral member of the team since joining the studio back in September 2002. Leading teams on Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, Overlord, and Terminator Salvation, Jeroen works with all creative teams to ensure success.

Renier Banninga

Global Art Director, Co-Founder

Renier is our award-winning studio art director with a dedicated focus on artistic excellence combined with true skill. A technical artisan at heart, Renier thrives on technical challenges that deliver a breath-taking experiences that are well designed, crafted and presented and most importantly – FUN!

Anais Jansen-Fernandez

Corporate and Legal Affairs

Armed with Political Science and Law degrees, Anais keeps Streamline in compliance and crafts the detailed paperwork that keeps us (and our clients!) accountable to the highest quality work possible.

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